Ale House Grille Food Photography

New England’s Ale House Grille Food Photography

New England’s Ale House Grille Food Photography: Capturing delicious looking photos! AMAZING NEWS!! I am now offering food photography!!! Yes, I am SLIGHTLY, OVERLY EXCITED!! 🙂 I love food, I love photography. This makes perfect sense!! If you own a restaurant, a bakery, a coffee shop, a bar, pretty much anything that serves food or beverages… let’s chat. I’ll come out and photograph some of your dishes and beverages that you

Evening Family Photo Session

The Calm After The Storm – Evening Family Photo Session

We had the beach almost entirely to ourselves during this evening Family Photo Session!  When I think of an evening Family Photo Session, I imagine a beautiful Florida sunset – especially if the session is taking place at the beach. I mean, it’s a given, right? Wrong! Not in Florida during the summer time, at least! See, summer time in Florida means RAIN SEASON!! We watched the weather very closely

Family Beach Photo Session

Check Out This Adorable Family Beach Photo Session!

Enjoying a beautiful Florida morning on this Family Beach Photo Session So by now pretty much the whole internet (lol) knows that I am obsessed with sunset sessions! I mean, I live for them! Occasionally however, I have clients who prefer morning sessions, so I do sometimes step away from evening work and get to do some bright daytime sessions. However, this was not supposed to be the case for session.

Beach Maternity Photo Session

Peaceful Beach Maternity Photo Session – Palm Harbor Maternity Photographer

After a week filled with rainy days, it was about time for a peaceful beach maternity photo session! We had a nice blue sky with fluffy white clouds that just moved away once the sun was ready to set, giving us a full, clear view! Looking for a maternity photographer? Let’s chat about your Beach Maternity Photo Session! Call or text me at 707-706-3711 or email me at Check

Palm Harbor Based Maternity Photographer

Palm Harbor Based Maternity Photographer – Book Your Maternity Session Now!

Palm Harbor Based Maternity Photographer It was a beautiful, perfect Florida evening when I met up with this sweet couple. We thought this was going to be just an everyday 30 minute maternity session, as originally planned, but boy were we in for a surprise!! The session ended up lasting over ONE HOUR!! As I’ve mentioned before – unless I have back to back sessions, clients, beware I MAY ABUSE

Magical Sunset Maternity Photo

Magical Sunset Maternity Photo Session In Tampa Bay, Florida

I am going to cut to the chase with this one – if you want a magical sunset maternity photo session done, you HAVE to call me!!! 🙂 Pregnant mama + beach + sunset = MAGIC. Take a look for yourself! If you or someone you know would like to jump in on a session like this, text or call me at 707-706-3711 or email me at As a

Birthday Party Photos

Capturing Sweet Birthday Party Photos – Tampa Bay Event Photographer

Anna Faiola Productions Is Ready to Take Your Birthday Party Photos! Event photography is something I need to do more of. Why? Because I LOVE photographing people. People in a natural, comfortable setting. Whether it’s a birthday, a wedding, a party, whatever the celebration might be, I love looking for a story, a smile, a hug, or a child’s stare *you will see a few ADORABLE child stares below!!* Here

Family Beach Photos

Summer Time Is Here, Have You Scheduled Your Family Beach Photos Yet?

If you have been following my work, by now you should know that I absolutely adore taking family beach photos. In my eyes, there is no better setting than our beautiful white Florida sand, sparking blue clear waters, and the magic of the artwork created by the clouds each day in our beautiful sky. Seriously, I’m addicted to the clouds and the sky! But the colors of a beach setting

Capturing Sweet Family Photos

Capturing Sweet Family Photos That Make You Go AWW!!

Capturing sweet family photos is what I love to do! I first met this sweet couple a few months ago during their maternity photo session. Fast forward to today and here we are with their sweet baby girl. As you are about to see – she is GORGEOUS! She was also so attentive, watching my every move with such curiosity in her beautiful eyes.  Now comes the hard part – picking photos

Father's Day Photo Session in Palm Harbor

Looking for a Father’s Day Photo Session in Palm Harbor? You’re in the right place!

Book your Father’s Day Photo Session in Palm Harbor today! With Father’s Day just around the corner, right about now is the time that we all start to freak out because even though we had all the time in the world to prepare… we are now a few days away and we’ve done, nothing!! YIKES!! So now you’re stuck in a time crunch thinking, what can I do that’s different?!